What is Plastic Free July?

What is Plastic Free July? – A coalition taking a pledge to not use any Plastic during July.

Plastic Free July – An Event during the month of July, where people make the conscious decision to not to use any plastic for the whole month.
Even though it’s only for a month, the more people that participate, the more of a positive impact it has on the environment!

Zero Waste - Similar to Plastic Free July, It is a Philosophy where one uses re-usable items, instead of disposable.

Did You Know? – Zero Waste does not have to be the perfect model of not using plastic, but if everyone practices some form of Zero Waste, it will positively impact the environment!

If you must have disposables on hand, consider the environment and use biodegradable and eco-friendly options such as Palm Leaf Plates, Wooden Cutlery, Stirrers and Picks!
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