Wooden Cutlery

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If you'd like to be more eco-friendly when it comes to catering supplies or food service supplies, add Smartpack's wooden utensils to your restaurant supply lineup. We can't promise you the best cutlery set in the world, but what we can offer you are affordable, biodegradable, sturdy and reliable wooden cutlery including wooden spoons, forks and knives. Plus, they're available for bulk wholesale, and they eliminate the need for extra cleanup because they're disposable. Try Smartpack's products for cutlery and more (but we certainly do recommend the cutlery). Place an order today, see for yourself and you'll understand why.

4.3" Wooden Taster Spoon
5.5" Wooden French Fry Fork
6.5" Wooden Cutlery Set, With Napkin
6.5" Wooden Fork
6.5" Wooden Fork, Individually Wrapped
6.5" Wooden Knife
6.5" Wooden Knife, Individually Wrapped
6.5" Wooden Spoon
6.5" Wooden Spoon, Individually Wrapped
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