Did You Know?

• Palm Leaf Plates take 6-8 weeks to decompose

• When a Palm Leaf Plate is disposed of, it returns vital nutrients to the ground, while diverting waste from landfills and reducing greenhouse gases.

 Did You Know?

We sell Eco-Friendly & Biodegradable dinnerware Disposables!

On average, a bamboo item easily decomposes in 2-5 months, to 3 years, while a plastic straw would last one use and take 200 years to decompose. Therefore, it is important to use eco-friendly disposables such as bamboo.

Here are some fun facts about Bamboo!

Did You Know?
• Bamboo has strong roots, which causes the soil to be firmer and in turn, can prevent landslides.
• It absorbs 2x more carbon dioxide than other plants.
• Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on Earth!
• Bamboo helps give plenty of animals homes and food.

Bagasse – The results of compounded Sugarcane after the juice has been extracted from it.

• Sugarcane bagasse takes 90 days to biodegrade.
• Products made with Bagasse use less energy to produce than alternatives.
• Biodegrades faster than other sources like wood.
• Sugarcane is used for sugar production and normally the stalks are thrown out, causing more pollution. By turning the stalks into bagasse and making disposable items out of them, makes for a great eco-friendly solution.
• Like Bamboo, Sugarcane grows quickly.