Flat Bamboo Skewers

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SmartPack USA’s flat bamboo skewers make grilling easier, cleaner and more presentable.

Our 11" eco-friendly flat bamboo skewers are wide, and can be used as skewers for kabobs, and as barbeque skewers easily used for grilling.

These flat bamboo skewers are biodegradable, heavy-duty, and are a necessary addition to any dining location, restaurant or catering service. The sharp end and extra smooth body of these flat bamboo skewers make them ideal for skewering fruits, vegetables and small cubes of meat.

SmartPack USA’s Flat Bamboo Skewers

11" x 10mm DOUBLE WIDE Width Flat Adana Stick Bamboo Skewer
11" x 5mm Width Flat Stick Bamboo Skewer
6" x 5mm Width Flat Stick Bamboo Skewer
7" x 5mm width Flat Stick Bamboo Skewer
9" x 5mm Width Flat Stick Bamboo Skewer
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