Eco-Friendly Plates

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SmartPack USA is one of the top rated suppliers for eco friendly plates, and for good reason. SmartPack USA has above and beyond customer service and uses the best environmentally friendly material on the market. SmartPack USA’s eco friendly plates are made from high quality palm leaf, a top rated eco friendly solution for disposable tableware.

Try SmartPack USA eco friendly plates for your next wedding or corporate events. SmartPack USA’s eco friendly plates are available in several shapes and sizes. Samples, special bulk pricing, and environmental certifications available

10" Round Palm Leaf Plate
10" Square Palm Leaf Plate
4" Square Palm Leaf Bowl
4" Square Palm Leaf Plate
5" Round Palm Leaf Bowl
6" Heart Shaped Palm Leaf Plate
6" Round Palm Leaf Bowl
6" Round Palm Leaf Plate
6" Square Palm Leaf Bowl
6" Square Palm Leaf Plate
8" Round Palm Leaf Plate
8" Square Palm Leaf Bowl
8" Square Palm Leaf Plate
9.5" x 6.5" Palm Leaf Serving Tray
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