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Looking for paper straws in bulk that are eco-friendly and cost effective? If so, we have products that meet your needs. Whether you’re a restaurant owner looking to stock up on eco-friendly paper straws, a parent hosting an event for your child, or a business owner providing catering services, we’ll have the right paper straw for you.

Our paper straws are built to last, desirable, and made with qualified FDA materials that use nontoxic safe food dyes for coloring. Make sure to try our black and white paper straws for your next milkshake, or purchase paper straws at wholesale for those cocktail parties being hosted at your restaurant.

Paper straws are great for a variety of drinks, including milkshakes, smoothies, cocktails, bubble teas, slushies, you name it!

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SmartPack USA’s Paper Drinking Straws

5.5" Paper Cocktail Straw, Black
5.5" Paper Cocktail Straw, White
7.75" Black Stripe Paper Straw
7.75" Paper Straw, Black
7.75" Paper Straw, White
7.75" Red Stripe Paper Straw
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