Eco-Friendly products

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SmartPack USA offers a variety of eco friendly products, from picks, stirrers, utensils, plates, straws, and more. Choose from high quality bamboo, palm leaf, birchwood, sugar cane, and biodegradable CPLA plastic. We help a large array of customers with large and small orders. Let us assist you with daily kitchen needs!

We offer quick lead times and excellent customer service, based entirely in the USA. We stand by the quality and service of our products with competitive wholesale pricing. Free non customized samples and certifications are available.

10" Round Palm Leaf Plate
10" Square Palm Leaf Plate
16 oz Sugarcane Bagasse Lid for 16oz Soup Container
16 oz Sugarcane Bagasse Soup Container
2 oz Sugarcane Bagasse Portion Cup Container
2 oz Sugarcane Bagasse Portion Cup Lid Container
2.5" Bamboo Knot Pick
2.5" Black Bamboo Knot Pick Skewer
3" Bamboo Knot Pick Skewer
3.5 Bamboo Steak Marker, Med- Well
3.5 Bamboo Steak Marker, Medium
3.5" Bamboo Knot Pick Skewer
3.5" Bamboo Mini Fork
3.5" Bamboo Paddle Pick Skewer
3.5" Bamboo Steak Marker, Med-R
3.5" Bamboo Steak Marker, Rare
3.5" Bamboo Steak Marker, Well
3.5" Black Bamboo Knot Pick
3.5" Red Ball Bamboo Pick
3.5" Red Braided Bamboo Pick
3.5" Red Heart Bamboo pick
3.9" Bamboo Tong