Bamboo Stirrers

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Looking for some of the best quality bamboo stirrers in the market? SmartPack USA offers quality bamboo stirrers to help stir coffee, cocktails, and a variety of drinks. Bamboo stirrers are best known for having greater tensile strength, making it an optimal eco-friendly choice for stirring hot coffee or other selective beverages.

SmartPack USA’s bamboo stirrers are essential for any business. No matter if you’re a restaurant owner looking to provide an eco-friendly and sustainable way for customers to stir their drinks, or a business owner looking to provide quality stirrers for their employees to use in the company kitchens. SmartPack USA’s bamboo stirrers are built with quality, not allowing it to splinter or to leave a taste of bamboo in drinks. Giving users a qualified drinking experience.

Best part about these bamboo stirrers is the wholesale price being offered by SmartPack USA. It’s at a highly competitive price for high quality bamboo stirrers.

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SmartPack USA’s Bamboo Stir Sticks

6" x 2.5mm Diameter Round Bamboo Stirrer
7.5" x 3.5mm Diameter Round Bamboo Stirrer
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