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Serving take out food of any kind? You’ll need durable accessories, especially when it comes to cutlery. Luckily, SmartPack USA has your take out needs covered with stylish knives, spoons, and forks that are stylish, economical, and available in environmentally friendly material.

Choosing SmartPack USA as your take out supplier is a decision few regret. With trusted, dedicated customer service and fantastic turnaround time, you’ll have more than disposables you can count on: you’ll have a supplier you can count on as well.

4.3" Wooden Taster Spoon
6.5" CPLA Cutlery Set With Napkin
6.5" Wooden Cutlery Set, With Napkin
6.5" Wooden Fork
6.5" Wooden Fork, Individually Wrapped
6.5" Wooden Knife
6.5" Wooden Knife, Individually Wrapped
6.5" Wooden Spoon
6.5" Wooden Spoon, Individually Wrapped
7" Bamboo Fork
7" Bamboo Fork, Individually Wrapped
7" Bamboo Knife
7" Bamboo Knife, Individually Wrapped
7" Bamboo Spoon
7" Bamboo Spoon, Individually Wrapped
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