6.5" Wooden Spoon

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6.5" Wooden Spoon

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Looking for a sustainable and budget-friendly option for your catering or restaurant supply needs? Look no further than Smartpack USA's 6.5" wooden spoons! These sturdy, reliable utensils are a fantastic alternative to bamboo cutlery and disposable plastics.

Made from eco-friendly wood, Smartpack USA's spoons offer a guilt-free choice for the environment without sacrificing affordability. Choose Smartpack USA for sustainable solutions that won't break the bank!

Potential Uses:
These spoons offer a sustainable and budget-friendly choice for customers serving themselves hot or cold dishes.
Provide a sustainable option for customers to serve themselves salads, side dishes, or desserts.
Upgrade from plastic utensils to a more natural and affordable option that complements a casual dining atmosphere.
Include a wooden spoon with soups, stews, or yogurt parfaits for takeout, reducing reliance on disposable plastic and keeping costs low.
Use them for serving ice cream sundaes, yogurt parfaits, stirring hot beverages, or even pre-portioning small sides like mashed potatoes or coleslaw.
And so much more!
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