Round Palm Leaf Plate Kit (Serves 25 Guests)

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Round Palm Leaf Plate Kit With Cutlery, Paper Straws & Cutlery (25 Guests)

  • Kit Includes:
  • 25 10 inch Round Palm Leaf Plates
  • 25 6 Inch Round Palm Leaf Plates
  • 25 Bamboo Forks
  • 25 Bamboo Spoons
  • 25 Bamboo Knives
  • 25 7.75 inch White Paper Straws
  • 100 3.5 inch Bamboo Knot Picks for Hors'd oeurves



SmartPack USA also offers round palm leaf plates, paper straws, knots, and cutlery kits in smaller packs. These kits are great for small groups of 25 guests, or if you’re unsure of how many will be at your small catering event. Included in this kit is SmartPack USA’s 25 10” and 6” square palm leaf plates, 25 birchwood forks, spoons, knives, 25 7.75in paper straws, and 100 4” bamboo appetizer knots. This kit has all the essentials you need, even just to stock the house and make clean up at dinner time a little less stressful.

SmartPack USA’s bamboo, birchwood, and paper are made from the highest quality materials, making them sturdy enough to last the party, but not in the landfill. They also give a stunning au naturale aesthetic to any event, and show your thoughtfulness to the environment! They are essential to any catered Earth Day gathering, and make disposable painless and guilt free!

Even if you aren’t catering an event, these are essential to eating at home! Buy everything you need with SmartPack USA serverware kits. SmartPack USA is a supplier with quick fulfillment, dedicated customer service, and years of experience. You won’t be disappointed with a SmartPack USA pack.

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