15" x 5mm Diameter Round Bamboo Skewer

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15" x 5mm Diameter Round Bamboo Skewer

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Transform your grilling game into a culinary whirlwind with Smartpack USA's 15" x 5mm Diameter Round Bamboo Skewers! These eco-warriors are crafted for legendary grilling adventures, perfectly sized to unleash the fury of the potato tornado and conquer kabobs of epic proportions.

The sharp points and extra smooth body guarantee effortless skewering. Lighter fare like vegetables, seafood, or fruits will glide on effortlessly and stay securely in place from grill to glorious plate.

The 5mm diameter adds an extra layer of strength and stability, perfect for heavier kabobs or thicker cuts of meat. No more flimsy frustration! These skewers are built to handle anything you throw at them (figuratively, of course)
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