Custom White Kraft Paper Bag 8 lb

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Custom 8 lb. White Kraft Paper Bag

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SmartPack USA's Custom 8 lb. White Kraft Paper Bag offers a robust and responsible packaging solution for your business. Create high-impact with Custom White Kraft Paper Bag #8, custom marketing materials. Print with unlimited color options at no extra charge - perfect for businesses & individuals.

• Brand Storytelling: Transform these bags into a blank canvas for your brand story. Personalized printing allows you to showcase your logo, designs, or a special message, leaving a lasting impression on your customers.
• Versatility Redefined: Go beyond the ordinary! These spacious bags are perfect for various uses, from packaging large takeout orders and gourmet food items to bundling boutique gifts or merchandise.

Custom 8 lb. White Kraft Paper Bag specifications:
• Width: 6 1/8 Inches
• Height: 12 7/16 Inches
• Gusset Width: 4 1/8 Inches

Potential Uses:
Offer as branded packaging for bulk purchases of snacks, candies, or other food items at specialty stores or markets, allowing for custom printing to enhance branding and presentation.
Use as packaging for bulk orders of bakery items, such as multiple loaves of bread or large pastry trays, ensuring safe transport and convenient storage for customers.
Provide packaging for bulk produce orders, such as large quantities of fruits or vegetables, at farmers' markets or grocery stores, offering customers a sustainable and eco-friendly option.
Offer as packaging for large orders of take-out containers, disposable utensils, or other food service supplies, providing a practical solution for restaurants or catering businesses.
Use as packaging for bulk orders of coffee beans, tea leaves, or spices at specialty shops or cafes, allowing custom printing to showcase branding and product information.
And so much more!
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