3.5" Bamboo Steak Marker Paddle Pick, Med-R

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3.5" Bamboo Steak Marker Paddle Pick, Med-R

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Know Your Doneness: Skip the confusion! 3.5" Bamboo Steak Marker Paddle Pick, Med-R comes pre-labeled medium rare for effortless identification.

Grill with Confidence: Simply pierce the steak and let the label do the talking. Perfect for both seasoned grill masters and barbecue beginners.
Sustainable Style: Crafted from fast-growing bamboo, a renewable resource, these picks add an eco-conscious touch to your grilling routine.
Biodegradable Benefit: Unlike plastic markers, bamboo picks decompose naturally, minimizing environmental impact.

Potential Uses:
Ideal for restaurants, catering events, or backyard barbecues.
Perfect for large gatherings where multiple steaks are cooked to different doneness levels.
Label different cuts of meat on a platter for easy serving.
And so much more!
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