7.5" x 3.5mm Diameter Round Bamboo Stirrer

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7.5 inch x 3.5mm Diameter Round Bamboo Stirrer

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SmartPack USA’s pack of 7.5” x 35mm round bamboo stirrers are an essential must-have if you’re serving drinks or coffee. Cocktails and coffee with creamers need to be stirred--let your guests stir them with SmartPack USA’s lightweight bamboo stirrer!

Don’t leave your guests reaching for just anything to stir their drink with. You want to make sure their drink is delivered with an experience uninterrupted. Make sure their drinks are served with these stirrers, or that these stirrers are at last stocked in plain sight! 

You’d be surprised how much of a difference a stirrer, especially an eco friendly one, can make to a drink. Get a sample delivered to your door to see. If you need a pack of 1,000 pieces, a case of 10,000, or even more in bulk quantities (special wholesale pricing available), SmartPack USA has you covered.

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