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4" Round Custom Drink Coaster, Medium Weight (50pcs)

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 4" Round Custom Drink Coaster, Medium Weight (50pcs)

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Imagine your serving your guests with everything you need--forks, knives, spoons, napkins, and cups… but no way to absorb that ring of condensation left by the soda. Complete your table with SmartPack USA’s 4” round drink coasters. Prevent stains by absorbing the moisture, and now you can do so in style. There’s no reason you should give moisture from your guest’s drink any opportunity to distract them from having a good time. 

Plus, these coasters can be customized on either side, meaning you can print whatever graphic you want that represents your event. If you don’t have a graphic of your own, there’s plenty to choose from within our catalog of hundreds of illustrations. Take our word for it: a nicely designed coaster is better than one without.

SmartPack USA has got you covered with guilt free disposable coasters, 100% biodegradable. Made from pulpboard, these coasters break down naturally in the environment. They pose no threat in landfills, oceans, or if they end up littered elsewhere. They will break down naturally.

The thickness of the pulpboard material dictates how much moisture they can take and how long they last. These coasters are considered “medium weight” with approximately 1.4 mm thickness. This is considered the standard thickness, absorbing enough for about 2-3 small 8 oz. drinks (or one 16 oz. drinks).

Torn between which coaster will work best for your event? SmartPack USA is here to help you decide. We’ve been in the business for years, so we’re confident we can help you with whatever demands you need, whether you need a single pack of 50 pieces, or bulk quantities for wholesale.

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