Flat Skewers

Grilling is made easy, clean and presentable with Smartpack's durable skewers sticks. Our 11" eco friendly bamboo skewers are long and sturdy enough for use as  large kebab sticks and barbeque skewers that are sure to keep your food in place on the grill. These biodegradable, heavy-duty bamboo skewers are a necessary addition to any dining location, restaurant or catering service. Biodegradable yet sturdy skewer sticks are the perfect tool for any restaurant or caterer. A sharp end and extra smooth body makes these flat" bamboo skewers ideal for use as kebab sticks to skewer fruit, vegetables or small cubes of meat cleanly and easily. Our bamboo skewers are a great eco-friendly alternative to plastic picks. 

6" x 5mm Width Flat Stick Bamboo Skewer

  • F10059GRN

7" x 5mm width Flat Stick Bamboo Skewer

  • F10071GRN

9" x 5mm Width Flat Stick Bamboo Skewer

  • F10090GRN

11" x 5mm Width Flat Stick Bamboo Skewer

  • F10011GRN

11" x 10mm DOUBLE WIDE Width Flat Adana Stick Bamboo Skewer

  • F20011GRN