Holiday & Party Picks

If you're in the market for food service products or cocktail accessories that you can purchase for bulk wholesale, look no further than Smartpack. Our plastic picks—or plastic toothpicks—make fantastic party picks, food picks and even cocktail picks. Plus, they're disposable, which means you can add some flair to your food or beverages without adding any additional cleanup. Try them as sandwich picks for sliders or mini sandwiches, or get creative and use them wherever you'd like. Our picks don't just look great. They're pretty versatile too. Try them out today! 

Day Of The Dead Skull Pick, 4" Wooden

  • P44340DOD

3" Black Sword Pick

  • P10030BLK

3" Clear Sword Pick

  • P10030CLR

4.5" Black Sword Pick

  • P10045BLK

4.5" Clear Sword Pick

  • P10045CLR

4" Fleur De Lis Pick, Assorted Colors

  • P10140ASR

4.5" Mini Fork Pick, Assorted Colors

  • P10245ASR

3.5" Heart Pick, Assorted Colors

  • P10435ASR

3" Pink Flamingo Pick

  • P10530PNK

4.5" Green Palm Tree Pick

  • P10845GRN

3.5" Black Triangle Prism Pick

  • P20035BLK

3.5" Clear Triangle Prism Pick

  • P20035CLR

5" Black Triangle Prism Pick

  • P20050BLK

5" Clear Triangle Prism Pick

  • P20050CLR

6" Black Triangle Prism Pick

  • P20060BLK

6" Clear Triangle Prism Pick

  • P20060CLR

3.5" Black Ball End Arrow Pick

  • P50035BLK

3.5" Green Ball End Arrow Pick

  • P50035GRN

3.5" Red Ball End Arrow Pick

  • P50035RED

3.5" White Ball End Arrow Pick

  • P50035WHT

3.5" Yellow Ball End Arrow Pick

  • P50035YEL

3" Red Sword Pick

  • P10030RED

4.5" Red Sword Pick

  • P10045RED