Palm Leaf Plates

Smartpack has the right products for all your food service supply needs. If you want disposable plates or biodegradable plates and bowls for your catering or restaurant product inventory, our palm leaf plates are just for you. Try our palm leaf disposable bowls, square plates, round plates and more! These palm leaf compostable plates are available for wholesale, and we promise that they make great party plates and appetizer plates for any of your food service or catering needs. Try them today for an affordable option and an eco-friendly alternative to plastic plates and bowls.

4" Square Palm Leaf Plate

  • LP101010

6" Square Palm Leaf Plate

  • LP101616

8" Square Palm Leaf Plate

  • LP102020

10" Square Palm Leaf Plate

  • LP102525

6" Round Palm Leaf Plate

  • LP300015

8" Round Palm Leaf Plate

  • LP30020

10" Round Palm Leaf Plate

  • LP300024

6" Heart Shaped Palm Leaf Plate

  • LP200016

5" Round Palm Leaf Bowl

  • LP400013

6" Round Palm Leaf Bowl

  • LP400016

6" Square Palm Leaf Bowl

  • LP501515

8" Square Palm Leaf Bowl

  • LP502020