Custom Stirrers

Looking for something to make your next promotional event or cocktail hour even more memorable? Nothing makes an impression like a custom cocktail stirrer from SmartPack USA. Have your cocktail stirrers, like a fun multi-colored swizzle stick, customized with your logo! Whether you’re looking for a personalized monogrammed drink stirrer or just something fun for your next promotional event, our wooden, bamboo or plastic stirrers are sure to make your beverages stand out!

6" Wooden Disc-Top Stirrer

  • CS96060NAT

6.25" Wooden Rectangle-Top Stirrer

  • CS98063NAT

7" Black Disc-Top Flat stemmed Stirrer

  • CS50270BLK

7" White Disc-Top Flat stemmed Stirrer

  • CS50270WHT

7" Clear Disc-Top Flat stemmed Stirrer

  • CS50270CLR

6" Clear Flat Stirrer

  • CS30060CLR

5.5" x 1/4" Thick Wooden Stirrer

  • CS95560NAT

6" Black Flat Stirrer

  • CS30060BLK

6" Black Square Stemmed Stirrer

  • CS31060BLK

6" Clear Square Stemmed Stirrer

  • CS31060CLR

6" Red Heart Top Stirrer

  • CS40460RED

7" Black Disc-Top S Stemmed Stirrer

  • CS50170BLK

7" Clear Disc-Top S Stemmed Stirrer

  • CS50170CLR

7" White Disc-Top S Stemmed Stirrer

  • CS50170WHT

7.5" White Square-Top Flat Stemmed Stirrer

  • CS50375WHT

5.5" x 1/4" Wooden Stirrer

  • CS95055NAT

7.5" x 1/4" Wooden Stirrer

  • CS95075NAT