Custom Picks

If you're looking for some great food and drink shots for your next Instagram post, look no further. Give your followers something to look at with Smartpack USA's customized bamboo, wooden and plastic cocktail picks. These are must-have cocktail accessories for any bar or restaurant, and they're a great way to showcase your sandwiches, burgers, or any dish that can use some flair!

4" Wooden Disc-Top Pick

  • CP94040NAT

5" Wooden Upright Oval-Top Pick

  • CP92050NAT

6" Wooden Disc-Top Pick

  • CP94060NAT

4.5" Wooden Paddle Pick

  • CP93040NAT

4" Black Disc-Top Pick

  • CP10340BLK

4" White Disc-Top Pick

  • CP10340WHT

5" Black Triangle Prism Pick

  • CP20050BLK

5" Clear Triangle Prism Pick

  • CP20050CLR

3.5" Bamboo Mini Fork

  • CU89035NAT

3.5" Bamboo Paddle Pick

  • CP87035GRN

4.7" Bamboo Paddle Pick

  • CP87047GRN

5.9" Bamboo Paddle Pick

  • CP87059GRN

7.1" Bamboo Paddle Pick

  • CP87071GRN

9.5" Bamboo Paddle Pick

  • CP87095GRN

4" Printable Wooden Disc-Top Pick

  • ZP94040

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