Wooden Stirrers

"Are you on the hunt for strong and reliable wooden coffee stirrers that won't break the bank? Smartpack's coffee stirrers are available for bulk wholesale, and may be just what you're looking for. They're excellent drink stirrers for any beverage, but are a crowd-favorite as coffee stir sticks (though it's fair if you use them in your tea too — we won't judge).  ""Pick"" your favorites and let you customers mix up their perfect drink with a sturdy stirrer they can count on. "

5.5" x 1/4" Wooden Stirrer

  • S95055NAT

5.5" x 1/5" Wooden Stirrer

  • S94055NAT

7.5" x 1/4" Wooden Stirrer

  • S95075NAT

6" Wooden Disc-Top Stirrer

  • S96060NAT

6.25" Wooden Rectangle-Top Stirrer

  • S98063NAT

5.5" x 1/4" Thick Wooden Stirrer

  • S95560NAT

6" x 2.5mm Diameter Round Bamboo Stirrer

  • S25061NAT