Wooden Picks

Smartpack's wooden picks are a great alternative to our plastic toothpicks and bamboo picks. Try them all and give your customers their choice of food picks and drink picks. Or, choose the wooden and bamboo picks for an eco-friendly and biodegradable option and the plastic picks for a more stylish, disposable option.  While our plastic picks make great party picks, choose the wooden option for a more understated look, as a great sandwich pick, or as a clean-looking pick atop a burger. You can even garnish a drink with one as let it serve as a cocktail pick. Try them out today! 

4" Wooden Disc-Top Pick

  • P94040NAT

6" Wooden Disc-Top Pick

  • P94060NAT

4.5" Wooden Paddle Pick

  • P93040NAT

5" Wooden Upright Oval-Top Pick

  • P92050NAT

Day Of The Dead Skull Pick, 4" Wooden

  • P44340DOD

5.5" Wooden French Fry Fork

  • U74055NAT