Plastic Stirrers

Are you on the hunt for an alternative to wooden coffee stirrers? Or maybe you have wooden stirrers that work great, but you want to offer your customers additional options for disposable drink stirrers or coffee sticks. If that problem sounds familiar, our plastic stirrers might be the perfect solution. (And if you need more wooden stirrers, we've got you covered there too.) Our plastic drink stirrers come in lots of shapes, sizes, colors and styles. Looking for cocktail stirrers in the shape of golf clubs? We've got them. Looking for colorful swizzle sticks, or party-themed cocktail accessories? You've come to the right place. "Pick" your favorites and let you customers dress up their drinks with a fun pop of color. 

8" Bamboo Stirrer, Assorted Colors

  • S40180ASR

6" Lady Stirrer, Assorted Colors

  • S40360ASR

6" Golf Club Stirrer, Assorted Colors

  • S40260ASR

7" Swizzle Stirrer, Assorted Colors

  • S40670ASR

7" Clear Swizzle Stirrer

  • S40670CLR

6" Green Palm Tree Stirrer

  • S40860GRN

6" Pink Flamingo Stirrer

  • S40560PNK

6" Red Heart Top Stirrer

  • S40460RED

6" Black Flat Stemmed Stirrer

  • S30060BLK

6" Clear Flat Stemmed Stirrer

  • S30060CLR

6" Black Square Stemmed Stirrer

  • S31060BLK

6" Clear Round Stemmed Stirrer

  • S32060CLR

6.5" Clear Round Stemmed Stirrer

  • S32065CLR

6.5" Black Round Stemmed Stirrer

  • S32065BLK

7" Black Disc-Top S Stemmed Stirrer

  • S50170BLK

7" White Disc-Top S Stemmed Stirrer

  • S50170WHT

7" Clear Disc-Top S Stemmed Stirrer

  • S50170CLR

7" Black Disc-Top Flat stemmed Stirrer

  • S50270BLK

7" White Disc-Top Flat stemmed Stirrer

  • S50270WHT

7" Clear Disc-Top Flat stemmed Stirrer

  • S50270CLR

7.5" White Square-Top Flat Stemmed

  • S50375WHT

7" Red & Green Holiday Bell

  • S40770ASR